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We dedicate our training program to the students who want to learn pragmatic, flexible and widely used open source scripting language that is PHP. This course is designed to groom and enhance the web development skill of emerging

What We Provide

Walkers Hive is the best option to pursue PHP training in Nepal for the aspiring web developers. Web enthusiasts who are destined to fulfill the increasing demand for competent IT developer. For the ease of our candidates, we have divides the course into three fundamentals. First fundamental is programmed for absolute beginners and it lays the basic groundwork for learning. Second and third fundamentals are designed considering intermediate and advanced PHP learning. If you are wondering where to enroll for fully career-oriented PHP training in Nepal, Walkers Hive is an ideal destination.

Benefits of PHP Training

An individual who has completed PHP training can obtain the following benefits:

- Helps to build complex web applications with ease.

- Provides understanding to embed PHP directly into HTML.

- Enhances your coding performance.

- Availability of job opportunities in top IT companies.

- Offers freelancing option.

Pre-requisites for PHP TRAINING

The prior knowledge of HTML, CSS is a must for the students who are seeking to take this training. Also, firsthand concept of programming languages like C and C++ will prove vital in learning PHP.


A Complete Course from very beginning to advance PHP

Course Description

At the end of this course, students will have not only learnt the CodeIgniter framework, but will actually be able to start building own projects from scratch. In addition to knowledge, this course will also gives you the practical hands-on experience and the confidence to start coding own websites.

Course Outline

1.    Introduction to HTML and CSS

-       Introduction to HTML and CSS Tags

-       HTML Form

-       Form elements

-       HTTP verbs and methods

-       File Upload

-       Form handling with file upload

At the end of this class, student will be able to design and develop a static web page.

2.    Introduction to PHP

-       Introduction to PHP syntax

-       Introduction to PHP Data Types

-       Introduction to PHP Operators and Control Statements

-       Introduction to if else statement

-       Introduction to PHP Switch, IF else and Loops

-       Introduction to PHP Functions

At the end of this class, students will be able to develop simple applications featuring CRUD functions.

3.    Introduction to OOP

-       Declaring a Class with a Method and Instantiating an object of a class

-       Declaring a method with parameter

-       Concept of Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overloading, data abstraction, encapsulation, constructor and so on

-       Simple Example of OOP

-       Using Try & Catch blocks

-       The Exception Object

-       Multiple Catch Blocks

-       Default Exception processing

4.    Introduction to Database

-       Introduction to Database

-       Understanding RDBMS

-       Understanding Database, Tables, Fields

-       Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)

-       Use of Database Management tools (phpMyAdmin/ MySQL Workbench/Navicat etc.) to handle database

-       Creating and managing database

-       Database Design

-       Database CRUD

-       Declaration and Use of MYSQL Functions

At the end of this class, students will be able to undertake intermediate level of database handling.

5.    Introduction to PHP Framework

-       Install and configure CodeIgniter Framework

-       Understand the core concepts of MVC and HMVC

-       Understand about the CI structure and best practices

-       Understanding and developing helper functions

-       Understanding and developing custom libraries

-       Implementation of built-in libraries

-       Implementation of Database references

The course will start at the very beginning with a detailed introduction into the CodeIgniter framework, from there moving on to installing the framework. From there you will become familiar with the framework, before you start tackling the basic functions and tools that make CodeIgniter special.

6.    Web Services (using CodeIgniter)

-       Web Services

-       Data Formats

-       Parsing APIs

-       Introduction to RESTFUL Services

-       Handling JSON in php

-       Parsing JSON

-       JSON encoding / decoding

At the end of this class, students will be able to develop custom WordPress theme.

7.    Introduction to jQuery

-       Introduction to JavaScript

-       Data types, operators, conditions

-       Events, function

-       Array and Objects

-       jQuery Syntax, Events

-       Some jQuery functions

-       jQuery Syntax and Events

-       jQuery Effects

-       jQuery Selectors and Traversing

-       jQuery Custom Functions

-       Query Ajax

At the end of this class, students will be able to implement JavaScript library and functions.


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